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princess cruise ship jobs
princess cruise ship jobs

Junior Waiter
Department: Food & Beverage Service
Brand: Princess Cruises
Date posted: 09-05-2018
Experience : Min 3-4 years in the similar role in a 5* or 4* restaurant
Personal Characteristics:
Understanding of the foundation of customer service; ability and willingness to deliver outstanding service to our passengers.
Thorough knowledge of food, beverage, and wine menus used throughout the fleet.
Motivation to excel in all aspects of job duties and responsibilities.
Personable communicator with outstanding social skills and a warm, friendly, and caring personality.
Willingness to embrace all Company values and Service Credo and lead by example.
Commitment to continuously display and deliver genuine care to our passengers and surprise and delight them throughout their cruise experience.
Ability to adapt and adjust to a variety of circumstances.

1. Provides a positive first impression to every passenger through a warm, welcoming individual greeting; always maintains a spotless and professional appearance.

2. Nurtures a memorable connection with every passenger by always showing genuine interest during service and remaining fully engaged throughout the voyage.

3. Always observes and identifies passengers’ preferences and adjusts service accordingly, anticipating passengers’ needs and offering appropriate responses without the customer having to ask.

4. Demonstrates to every passenger that his or her satisfaction is our top priority by immediately acknowledging every request, responding promptly and effectively to resolve any service request or concern, and following up to ensure passenger satisfaction.

5. Always leaves a positive last impression by providing a genuine and warm closing to the service.

6. Assists the Waiter to create a comfortable, elegant ambience by always preparing table settings and maintaining service stations in line with all Company standards.

7. Assists the Waiter to deliver food and beverages as requested, in a timely manner, in the correct service order; follows up to ensure each passenger’s needs have been met and suggest solutions to any issues.

8. Always clears and replenishes service items promptly, without direction, throughout service.

9. Minimizes breakage, loss, and theft of service items by always handling equipment and supplies appropriately and with care.