Process Control Engineer – Imperial Oil – Canada

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imperial oil logo canadaLocation: Sarnia, ON, CA
Company: Imperial

Job description
Reporting to the Process Control Group Leader this position is responsible for identifying, implementing and maintaining both basic and advanced process control applications. These applications are expected to have a direct influence on the technical performance of unit process operations allowing them to operate in a safe, environmentally sound manner while optimizing unit throughput and yields.
Day to day monitoring and support for existing applications on one or more process units. Interface directly with Process Contact Engineers, Board Operators and other members of the Technical group as needed to maintain good control and operations. Participate in morning operations meetings providing input as needed.
Support the Advanced Control and RTO Engineers to develop new applications and maintain the performance of the existing ones.
Where process control applications or the underlying process itself are not performing per expectations this position will use fundamental knowledge of the underlying processes, the equipment used in the process, and the knowledge of the existing application to assist identifying and correcting the issues.
Commensurate with experience the Process Control Engineer will identify opportunities for new or improved applications.

Establish, maintain, measure, evaluate and steward key unit performance indicators (operating envelope, application service factors) consistent with recognized design and/or engineering standards
Accountable for identification & implementation of operating improvements within established standards/limits and benchmarked with industry “Best Practices”.
As needed support the applications scope for new projects in their area to ensure application needs are being met and that engineering standards are being followed by each project.


Bachelor Degree in Chemical or Process Control Engineering, or equivalent, as certified by an acceptable Professional Engineering Association.
Master’s or PhD Degree in Process Control preferred.


There are multiple roles associated with this posting. Experience requirements range from 0 to 10+ years Refinery, Chemical Plant or closely related engineering experience.
Proficiency and comfort level working with computers, understanding programming concepts, and communicating these to others.
High degree of analytical and technical ability, able to communicate technical data clearly, possessing self-discipline to organize and work on details without getting distracted from the ultimate goals.
Experion Process Knowledge System (aka Experion or EPKS) and TDC 2000/3000 are the primary tools used by operations to control the plant. It is within the scope of the Process Control Engineer role to update and maintain displays, loop configurations, and navigational elements within these systems for operations use. The EPKS and TDC systems provide access to current alarm and event histories and historical process data allowing for up to the minute analysis and development of control strategies and also ongoing unit monitoring in order to support unit optimization efforts.
Advanced Alarm Management “AAM” is a suite of tools primarily consisting of the Alarm Configuration Manager (ACM) and Alarm and Event Analysis “AEA” tool. These tools are supported within the scope of the AE role (for data quality and data analysis).
The Process Historian Database (PHD) is a long term repository for process history and depending on data analysis needs PHD is frequently used to obtain long term operational data.
There are many statistical and process modeling tools which are optional parts of an “Application Engineers Workstation” (AEWS) load set and these are used as needed. Examples of tools included are “Pro/II “, “ASPEN one”, “DMCPlus”, “ROMeo RTO”, “Infer” and many others. These computer tools are used to develop process models and solutions, or to interface with and maintain existing models and solutions.

Start date: Q1 2019

Location: Sarnia, ON