Reservoir Geoscientist – Imperial oil – Calgary Canada

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Job description
You will work in a team environment with geoscientists and engineers of varying backgrounds and experience building and analyzing structural and stratigraphic frameworks geologically and geophysically to identify and steward development and production uplift opportunities at Imperial’s existing and planned in-situ operations.
You / your team will:
Integrate surface, well, seismic and production performance data to develop production opportunities through various in-situ and unconventional recovery technologies.
Possess a broad geoscience generalist competency, along with a fundamental reservoir engineering understanding and demonstrate a capability to integrate each.
Have the ability to interpret and evaluate a field / reservoir in a 3D framework, identifying key components – including both structural and stratigraphic controls and reservoir and bitumen distribution. Demonstrate a complete understanding of the processes that control the migration and seal of hydrocarbons on geologic and production time scales and the effective use of the tools and data to evaluate those processes. Can effectively use multidisciplinary technical data to arrive at an integrated reservoir solution or range of solutions.
Understand the interaction between fluid properties, flow parameters and reservoir properties and be able to integrate between static and dynamic reservoir models – leading to optimal assessment and depletion strategies.
Able to apply a scenario-based approach to modeling uncertainties in in-place volumes, recovery efficiency, and flowstreams.
Possess a broad understanding of the economic principles and interrelationships which impact project viability and development scope and their relationship to the geoscience / engineering evaluation and uncertainties.
Work closely with other subsurface and surface disciplines to develop optimal plans for drilling programs, seismic programs and production pad opportunities.
Provide subsurface support for license to operate requirements such as well integrity, seal integrity, aquifer protection etc.

The initial work will be in the existing subsurface Production and Development teams and will focus on supporting in-situ heavy oil and unconventional assets for a minimum of 5 years. Additional opportunities within the Imperial portfolio may become available pending career progression and business focus considerations.


Academic and Professional:

An Undergraduate and / or Post-Graduate degree in Geology or Geophysics, Physics/Geology, or Geological Engineering
A minimum of 5 years’ experience in generalist geoscience roles with the majority in the production segment of the business, preferably in in-situ heavy oil assets


An ideal candidate may have a subset of the following skills / interests or have a desire to acquire or further develop in these areas:

Broad background in geology and/or reservoir engineering
Familiarity with sequence and seismic stratigraphic concepts
Familiarity with structural mapping, balancing and restoration
Familiarity with geological (geocelluar) model building and interrogation
Exposure to acquisition, processing, and interpretation of 2D and/or 3D seismic reflection data, including seismic attributes and geophysical modeling
Strong computer skills
An ability to find innovative solutions to difficult production, stratigraphic and commercial problems
Familiarity with statistics, economic evaluations, technical report writing and business case creation
Desire to develop as a geoscience integrator with a good understanding of reservoir engineering concepts
We encourage applications from all Earth Science disciplines, as many skills are transferable to the petroleum industry (including mining, hydrogeology)
Earth science students from across Canada are encouraged to apply

Application deadline: January 6, 2019 at 11:59 pm